SKU 75-3035
Filter Type Cotton Filter
Weight 10.0000
UPC 841372017605
Quantity of Oil 51 grams on filter element
Oil Color Red
Street Legal In All US States Yes
CARB Exempt ID D-590-2


Tested to a higher standard.

S&B tests to the internationally accepted ISO 5011 Standard when testing for airflow, efficiency and capacity. This is the same protocol used by most of the large automakers.

Airflow testing shows us how we compare to stock and our competitors. The goal is to beat both.

We test for efficiency to make sure that your engine is protected from debris while sucking in even more air. Lastly, we monitor the capacity of the filter to see how much dirt it can hold before needing to be serviced.


Precision and accuracy.

Our environmental control system is top of the line. S&B strives for accuracy and repeatability. In order to have dependable results, you have to have tight control over the humidity, temperature and barometric pressure.


Better Airflow

It's important to know how we stack up against stock and our competitors in order to be the best. We mount each intake system on our test equipment to measure the airflow from zero to the max CFM of the vehicle. We then compare the results and make design changes until we have maximized the airflow while still protecting your engine.


Protect your engine.

While airflow is important, it is equally critical to insure that your investment is protected. To do so, we first determine the max CFM the vehicle will generate at wide open throttle as it is more difficult to stop dust the greater the airflow. We then start pulling this amount of air through the intake while literally shooting fine particles of dust at the filter. Any dust bypassing the filter will be caught in the absolute blanket to determine the efficiency. 

Some competitors have testing done at low CFMs in order to show higher efficiency rates, so beware.



We're not kidding.

Our testing is so controlled that we even heat the absolute blankets pre and post testing in order to remove the humidity. The absolute blankets catch any dust that gets past the filter during testing in order to determine the efficiency rate.

Removing the humidity insures that you are only weighing what actually bypassed the filter. Protecting your engine while providing better airflow is our top priority.


Get better.

We are constantly testing our competitors products in order to be the best. When they make a nice kit, we redesigned ours and made it better. That is just healthy competition.

Our competitors don't like the fact that we publish these test results on our website. Instead of complaining, they should just… Get Better!

S&B Performance air Intake system with cleanable filter C5 Corvette 2001-2004

SKU: 75-3035
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