Scales and Alignment

Currently only offer mobile service for this, I come to you. Needs to be done on a concrete surface on "flat" ground. I will set the scales up, and level them using shims (yes, it does make a difference if you care about weight distribution). I only supply the scales, you will need a jack or lift to set the car on them. what you do with the car while its on the scales is on you, add/remove weight, adjust coilovers, etc. Anti-sway bars need to be disconnected to get a correct reading. The scales used are high end and accurate, made by Intercomp

Alignment equipment is also available for use, It is a string setup like a lot of professional race teams use. It can be included at no extra cost while your level on the scales. It can take a few hours to set it up, Its very time consuming but sometimes its better to do your own alignments to YOUR specs. The best alignments I have ever had were done using this system.


$50/hr, 1hr minimum. charged in half hour increments after

- I charge drive time one way.


Simple weight overall, no shims added to save on cost per customer request. On an 05 Cadillac CTS-V


Just a string alignment done on an alignment rack to prove a point on how accurate it really is.  


Mazda B2200 on the scales leveled out

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